Hello and welcome to Vertoak City Wiki! This wiki is dedicated to creating topics about Vertoak City, a Minecraft map created by fish95, known as Fish_XCV in-game!

The map is a gigantic city with hundreds of buildings, every room fully furnished. As an added bonus, there are tons and tons of chests hidden around the city with some containing valuable items! All of the citizens of Vertoak City have gone on vacation, and you can do whatever you want with it: destroy it, explore it, or even live in one of the buildings. Many signs also have funny sentences on them, so check them out, and keep your eyes peeled for secret chests!

You can check out the map and download it on the Minecraft Forum here:

Also, check out fish95's Tumblr, where he posts development on the map and answers questions:

Also, check out Vertoak Daily on Tumblr, where perrtyo posts pictures of the city and surrounds daily:


Version 13 has been released. After a long time of waiting Fish95 released the new version featuring a new welcome centre, hospital, town, and much much more. For more information check out Version 13

New people

If you are new to the wiki please read Vertoaklopedia Format for information on how to use the wiki, and Template help for information about using the template. We use templates on this wiki to make it easier to see things. If you have any questions contact dr spartan.

Correct Pronunciation

The name of the city, "Vertoak", may sound confusing to say. However, on one website Fish advertised the V5 version of the map, he says that the correct way to pronounce "Vertoak" is (Ver-Toh-k).


This Wikia is monitored by Dr Spartan (aka Perrtyo) and Fish95 (officialy). This Wikia was created for the reasons that the old Vertoaklopedia site was unable to give the needed attention that the founder was not on regularly. This Wikia is now the official archive site for Vertoak City.

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Fish95 on Tumblr

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